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Every year reseachers and scientists worldwide conduct studies to prove that natural remedies can be used to treat a host of health problems ranging from minor aches to serious ailments.

These findings are double checked and proven as effective remedies, yet they are not made pubicly available to allow consumers to make informed and choice based decisions about their healthcare.

This guide is not advocating that mainstream medicine is bad or should never be taken. Of course there are times when a health condition is very serious or life-threatening that taking medications become absolutely necessary.

What is being advocated here is that you don’t always have to rely on conventional medicine to solve all health problems. Natural remedies can provide the same solution most of the time, so you should have the choice to opt for a drug-free remedy - where available. It is better to treat any health problem with methods that encourage the body's natural ability to heal and restore its own natural balance.

Suffice to say that it is always wise to find alternative ways of remedying your body without causing adverse effects or adding more health issues from taking certain drugs.

Here you’ll find tons of proven natural remedies that have been compiled for you to use to combat numerous ailments.

HerbsUsing alternative natural remedies to cure various illnesses is not a fad. In fact more and more people are now turning to safe practical healing methods for all sorts of ailments.

Why? because it’s becoming more evident that prescription drugs are now the No. 4 cause of death in the United States alone.

Aside of the humongous cost of this mainstream medicine, sometimes the side effects of these drugs on the body are downright scary and you should not ignore them.

The shocking truth is that hundreds of thousands of Americans die from conventional medicine side effects every year. More than one million Americans are hospitalized due to bad drug reactions every year, and did you know that at least, 25% of prescriptions for the elderly carry potentially life-threatening errors.

Wow! These statistics are enough to make your head spin and think twice before you pop another pill. I know I did - when I found out these facts.

So my question is: Are you concerned or worried about all the drugs you or your loved ones take daily all year round? You should be! But take heart, there is hope for us all because for almost every health problem, there’s now clinically proven natural remedies that can match or beat a lot of mainstream medicine.

At this site, you will find answers for common ailments such as infections, arthritis, aches and pains, allergies, sleep disorders, anxiety and depression, diabetes, stomach disorders, and even how to lower your cholesterol without taking expensive and potentially dangerous drugs.

Remedies From Your KitchenYou will discover that often, you can treat many health problems with items from your own kitchen that has been used successfully for centuries by our ancestors.

For instance, garlic has been known to prevent and treat everything from the common cold to lowering high cholesterol and blood pressure;

Did you also know that ginger has been found to work wonders in the treatment of flu and migraines to the prevention of certain types of cancer?

What about the good old onions? I bet you hate it in your sandwich because you don't want your breath to smell of onions. Yikes! Well, you might want to reconsider and give it a try to get rid of a host of ailments such as coughs, breathing problems and even asthma.

So why don't you come along with me now? Together we will uncover and embrace alternative ways of how to heal your body and give you the longevity you deserve.

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