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Hello, and welcome to my website about natural remedies. I want you to learn a little bit about why I decided to build this site.

My name is Bridget, and my quest for natural pain relief inspired me to share the information on this website.

It all started on one faithful evening in 1990. I had been invited to a friend’s birthday party. As I was getting ready and putting on my clothes, I felt a sharp pain in my left buttock. I had never felt this pain before, let alone in such an awkward place. I thought it was probably a muscle pull and it would go away in no time.

The pain persisted so, I rubbed the area with a topical analgesic and proceeded to step out to party the night away. I did not feel the pain again for the rest of the night. It did not surface again the next day, nor the next. So I completely put it out of my mind. Little did I know that my life was about to change because of this elusive pain.

A month later, the pain resurfaced and lasted for about six days continuously. When I took painkillers, it subsided but, the pain came on again when the medicine wore off. It finally ceased after the sixth day and I never felt it again for the rest of the month. It resurfaced the following month, lasted for a few days and went away only to return the month after. I now realized that it was following a pattern. The pain always came just before my monthly cycle. I decided I had better pay my doctor a visit. That was the beginning of my quest to find a treatment for this mysterious pain.

I went through ten different doctors and specialists, from family practitioners, to internists, neurologists, gynaecologists, chiropractors and orthopedists, all in search of relief. However, none of them could tell me what was really wrong let alone prescribe a remedy. Their diagnoses ran from fibroids to endometriosis to ovarian cysts. I was baffled that ten different doctors could not tell me what was wrong and because I experienced the pain around my monthly cycle, they attributed it to any one of the common female problems.

They sent me to do test after test – MRIs, X-rays and Nerve Sensory Tests, where I was pricked all over my legs and thighs with needles – all to no avail. One doctor even told me he was going to give me medication to stop my period for a whole year to enable him diagnose the problem. I walked out of his office and never looked back. I was not going to be anybody’s guinea pig.

Another doctor sent me to do more tests and told me they could not find my womb. Not only was I in pain, my womb had disappeared as well. Wow! I thought that was the most ridiculous statement I had ever heard. That was when I said to myself, enough is enough.

Meanwhile, this sporadic pain was getting worse and worse. I sometimes had to crawl when it came on. My life had changed completely. I could no longer enjoy physical activities. I was living on NSAIDs of higher doses. I told myself that if anyone was going to find the meaning of this, it would be me because I was the one feeling the pain.

I began researching into the symptoms and found that they were incongruous with that of sciatic nerve pain. I researched some more and became convinced that the pain had to do with lower back pain. Why was it that the doctors I saw were unable to tell me this?

I began an endless search for information on a natural remedy for this excruciating pain and in the course of this search I suddenly became aware of things we do consciously or unconsciously that make our bodies ail. I researched and studied about inflammation and how our bodies react to too much of it, I learnt about toxins from the environment, as well as those we consume that makes our bodies sick, I learnt about alkaline and acid balance in our bodies and how too much acid kept us in a state of ill – and even caused cancer.

I studied vitamins and its effect in the proper functioning of the human body, how they can be used to heal the body of ailments when taken in therapeutic doses and how a lack of any specific vitamin can lead to a characteristic deficiency disease. Not only was I able to apply natural remedy to alleviate this pain and reverse it, I had also educated myself about the safest way to eliminate pain and various illnesses.

I had also been trying to get pregnant, and for 14 years, nothing would happen. I tried fertility drugs like clomid, I had laparoscopies and hysterosalpingograms. Big words? Tell me about it. Well I did them all and still no baby. Then my sister told me that a friend of ours who had also been trying to conceive for some time had become pregnant. “How did it happen?” I wanted to know. "She took some herbs" was her simple answer.

I asked if she would show me the herbs. I tried it, and bam! I got pregnant the next month. What? After 14 years on mainstream fertility drugs? And these herbs could make me pregnant in just a month of taking it?

I was fired up after this. I began to do an intense research and some reading on different types of herbs. I wanted to know about different ailments and how they could be healed with herbs and supplements.

Armed with this new knowledge and information, I began sharing them with friends and family members. I told friends who were desperately trying to conceive about the fertility herbs I had taken that had resulted to my giving birth to a beautiful baby girl, and I am glad to say that those who were bold and open-minded enough to try it had their wishes fulfilled.

I had used natural remedies to cure myself without side effects. Researching all these remedies was not easy and it took years of labor. But it was worth all the time and effort because I was able to apply the knowledge I had acquired to relieve myself of knee and finger arthritis by taking barley leaf supplements every day for 90 days. I still take this supplement every day.

I am currently taking a certification course in naturopathy so I decided to create this website to share my first-hand experiences and knowledge about natural remedies with you. Most of the ailments and remedies I talk about here have been experienced first-hand either by myself, my friends or my family members, and we have used most of these remedies with much success.

You might be suffering from some ailment that has even baffled doctors, or you might just want to go the natural remedies route for diseases that are plaguing your body. Whatever, your reason for visiting this site, I hope and pray to God that you will find answers and relief from the natural remedies suggested here.

If you have any feedback or questions for me about this site please feel free to use the Contact Me button and send me your questions and comments.

Thank you for visiting my site.

God Bless!

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