Banish Back Pain Naturally

Statistics prove that the total cost of back pain is a staggering $30 billion a year industry in the United States alone. About ninety percent of Americans suffer from this severe, and sometimes disabling affliction at some time of their lives.

Despite the rising cost in treating this debilitating ailment, Statistics show that 80% of all back pain sufferers recover, with or without treatment within a month, and that most of the remaining 20% can now be treated successfully without surgery.

Back Pain

In fact more and more studies now show that chronic back pain can be relieved and even cured with natural remedies such as deep back massages, other holistic treatments, and supplements.

Surveys even conclude that 73 percent of orthopedic surgeons take supplements to keep their own spines in tiptop shape and also recommend supplements to their patients.

What Are The Causes of Back Pain?

Back pain is caused by structural abnormalities of the spine such as arthritis and disc disorders, or by a group of muscle conditions linked to poor posture and lack of exercise.

Other related cause or problem is stress. Experts in clinical rehabilitation medicine has termed this stress relation as Tension Myositis Syndrome (TMS). TMS affects soft tissues such as the muscles, nerves, and tendons of sufferers.

It's been proven that TMS sufferers build large stores of anxiety and anger and try to repress these feelings because they are painful, frightening and inappropriate.

Take for instance a middle-aged woman who might resent having to take care of her elderly parents. Because she can not vent her frustration at her parents, she ends up bottling up her feelings. All this bottled up negative feelings creates tension in her body, which in turn causes a decrease of blood to various tissues of the back region.

The result is the tissues gets less oxygen than it should, and depending on which tissues are affected, the body responds with many symptoms such as sharp, aching or burning pain, tingling and numbness, pressure or weakness.

Treating Back Pain Naturally

The first and foremost action you should take if you are experiencing any of the above symptoms is to thoroughly undergo an investigation to rule out the possibility of a tumor or some other illness.

After that, if you believe your back trouble is associated with TMS, then become aware of any resentments and repressed anger you might be holding on to that could be creating tension in your body. Make a conscious effort to release the negative feelings. This can be achieved with deep relaxation techniques.

Once you understand and accept the true nature and source of the pain, you are are on the path to permanent relief.

Do Heating Pads And Hot Water Bottles Help?

The answer is an emphatic Yes! In fact heating pads are so effective at relaxing tight, tender muscles, improving blood flow to injured tissues, and helping flush out pain-triggering compounds.

Using a heating pad of hot water bottle provides 25% more pain relief than taking a dose of ibuprofen or acetaminophen.

Other Natural Supplements That Provides Relief

Vitamin D for Spine Strength - Strengthen your spine with Vitamin D. It works with dietary calcium to build strong vertebrae and repair bone tissue when it becomes brittle or damaged. Strong vertebrae are less likely to collapse and pinch the nerves.

Ninety three percent of patients who took a daily 2,000 IUs felt better within 90 days. It is suggested that taking a daily dose of 1,000 IUs after the pain is gone cuts the risk of relapse by 33%.

Black Catechu - This extract of the Indian acacia catechu tree is one of nature's top sources of catechins, powerful anti-inflammatories that are also found in green tea, apples and wine.

Clinical trials show that black catechu shuts off the body's master switch for inflammation, reducing pain, stiffness and swelling as much as thirty percent within one week. In one clinical trial, black catechu helped 59% of patients rebuild damaged cartilage in their spine.

Loosen Muscles with Magnesium - This mineral is essential for relaxing tight, spasmed muscles, so that back injuries like slipped discs can heal properly. Most of today's produce and grains are grown in magnesium-depleted soil and thus causing a deficiency of this mineral in almost 70% of Americans.

The back protecting dose is 500 mg. daily. Ninety two percent of participants in a recent German study who took this daily dose were relieved of chronic backaches.

Back Pain

Nopalea Juice to the Rescue - This is a delicious wellness drink, from the Nopal cactus fruit in the Sonoran Desert.

It contains an exclusive blend of rare antioxidants called Betalains, a potent class of antioxidants that flourish in the Nopal cactus fruit.

Drinking Nopalea juice daily can lessen inflammation which causes body pains. The juice can also detoxify the body and reduce swelling in joints and muscles.

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