Depression Warning Signs – Are You Truly Depressed Or Just Down In The Dumps?

Recognizing depression warning signs is crucial because up to 30% of people with serious mood disorders kill themselves without even knowing they were depressed and could have gotten treated for it.

Depression is a serious disorder caused by a disturbance in brain chemistry. It’s been described by sufferers as a thick fog or a black cloud that tries to envelop you. The worse thing is that it can strike out of the blue, and for some people it can disappear as mysteriously as it came.

This emotional illness can be mild, moderate or a severe and relentless emotional agony, that can sometimes make the sufferer see suicide as the only solution. Ultimately, it is important to recognize what the depression warning signs are to be able to seek proper diagnosis and care.

Depression Warning Signs

Feelings of depression may be mild and short lived, in which case it might be termed as a moody phase. Feeling down in the dumps from time to time is a normal part of life, as long as those feelings are short-lived.

However, if you are experiencing the tell tale symptoms and signs almost every day for more than two weeks, you may be suffering from major depression. Below are some of the classic symptoms you might want to take note of and consult a doctor for a screening test.

One of the definitive signs of depression is a striking change in eating behaviors. Some people lose all desire to eat, while others develop insatiable appetite, especially for carbohydrate foods.

An unshakeable feeling of sadness is another typical warning sign. You might go through periods of not being able to experience pleasure and nothing excites you.

Feelings of worthlessness or excessive guilt over trivial things can also be sign of depression. Often times these feelings are accompanied with recurrent thoughts of death.

Depression warning signs may also come as dementia, aches and pains, constant agitation or irritability. These signs normally appear in elderly sufferers.

Insomnia and other sleep disorders can also be a sign of depression. Early morning awakening or multiple awakening throughout the night, sometimes with feelings of panic attack is also one of the many depression signs.

Surprisingly, over-sleeping is also can also be a sign of depression. If you constantly oversleep for ten hours or longer and have to drag yourself out of bed every time, you might want to check on this with your doctor to rule out the possibility of depression.

Inability to concentrate, feeling less able to cope with regular responsibilities, indecisiveness, failing to take care of yourself and neglecting your appearance, with thoughts like “I don’t really care if I look good or not” can also be a sign of depression.

Feelings of inadequacy, low self esteem or an increased level of self criticism depicts depression. Oftentimes sufferers might describe themselves as having low-key personalities, and when they do this, they never seek help for this illness.

Many people, especially middle-aged are depressed without knowing that they are. They often times think that life after forty comes with these signs of depression. But midlife shouldn’t necessary come with these symptoms.

If a few of the above depression warning signs match your daily experience, consider seeking help. You can also click on this link for drug-free remedies that can help you overcome depression.

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