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Ear infection symptoms are more common in children and accounts for than 50% of pediatrician visits. Ear infections can either be acute or chronic, which affects children in different stages. There are two main categories of ear infection symptoms, namely the outer ear infection, scientifically termed as otitis externa, and the middle ear infection or otitis media, which is also the most common ear infection.

What Causes Ear Infections

With outer ear infections, the ear canal is affected when substances such as water enters the ear canal and becomes trapped with ear wax. When this happens, the growth of bacteria can grow and flourish and create an infection. The body responds with inflammation, pain and fever.

Middle ear infections are usually caused when there is an upper respiratory infection as a result of a virus, bacteria or an allergy. When children develop a cold, their nasal passages get swollen and mucus collects in the back of the nose. This can become a breeding ground for the bacteria. Middle ear infections are more common in infants.

One of the reasons why ear infection symptoms are more common in children is that the Eustachian tube which is responsible for draining fluids from the middle ear is more horizontal in children and does not drain properly because of this position. As this tube develops in children and infants, it can begin to malfunction because it is not properly developed. This malfunction can be the constant cause of a chronic ear infection.

Mucus becomes trapped behind the eardrums and begins to cause pain and pressure, causing an ear infection. However, as the parts of the ear continue develop the tube becomes more vertical and fluids are more properly drained. This is the reason why constant ear infections are greatly improved as children grow older.

Ear Infection Symptoms

Ear infections can be quite painful and mostly accompanied by high fevers and temperature. Other symptoms are difficulty in hearing, nausea and vomiting. Physical symptoms mostly depicted by children are the tendency for them to pull at the ear because of the pain. Sometimes, there can also be discharge of pus or blood. See your doctor immediately if you or your child has a discharge from the ears.

Ear Infection Treatment

Conventional medicine mainly uses antibiotics and ear tubes in treating ear infections. Whilst these methods are sometimes successful and can effective in reducing chronic ear infections, they are rather employed as a first line of defense rather as a last resort.

If you visit your child’s doctor with an ear infection, you most likely will walk out with a prescription for an antibiotic. But recent research suggests that many children with ear infections will get better without antibiotics, and with no side effects. Other studies also show that only about one-third of children with acute middle ear infections actually need antibiotics. Most children get better on their own in two weeks without any treatment at all.

In fact a comprehensive review of studies published in the British Medical Journal found that there was no significant difference in children with acute ear infections when antibiotics were given, as compared to a placebo. Overuse of antibiotic can also create antibiotic resistant bacteria.

When it comes to treating chronic ear infections, inserting tubes in ears to relieve pressure and drain fluid may seem like a good idea but the tubes can also cause great damage. Studies have also proved that ear tubes are not always a permanent cure for middle ear infection. About fourth of children who had tubes inserted needed them again after age two and in some instances, ear drum scarring can occur with ear tubes surgery.

Natural Remedies For Ear Infection Symptoms

The use of proper diet and a healthy functioning immune system the keys to preventing ear infections in the place. Factors such as food allergens must be detected so those foods can be eliminated from the diet. Foods such as cow’s milk and sugar are mostly the culprits that trigger inflammation that leads to mucus and fluid build-up.

Environmental allergens such as secondhand smoke which can also be a root factor must be eliminated. The following are all natural remedies that can help relieve ear infection symptoms.

Garlic or garlic drops have antibacterial and antiviral effects and relieves pain. Place 2 warm drops of garlic in the affected ear three times daily. Caution, Do not use in perforated ear drums or ear that that is discharging fluid.

Vitamin C enhances immune function and reduced inflammation. Five hundred milligrams (500 mg.) can be given to children three times daily during infection. Adults can take 1,000 mg three times daily.

Echinacea can also enhance the immune system. Children can take 2 ml four times daily. Recommended dose for adults is 4 ml. daily.

St John's Wort oil can also relieve pain and fight infection. Two warm drops in the affected ear three times a day can be administered. Do not use in perforated ear drums or ear that that is discharging fluid.

Zinc is great for enhancing the immune system. Children suffering from ear infections can be given 5 mg. of zinc daily. Adults with ear infection can take 30 mg. daily.

Miracell oil, is a wonderful product to try for ear aches. It is 100% natural and has the kind of nutrients that actually helps the skin repair itself. Use as instructed on the bottle.

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