Are High Cholesterol Foods Wreaking Havoc On Your Health?

You are thinking of eliminating high cholesterol foods from your diet, but you love chocolates and you definitely don't want to cut that out. Besides you know that chocolate is packed with antioxidants. Should you eat the chocolate for the antioxidants or should you avoid it because of the high saturated fat content?

High saturated fats, found mainly in meats and full-fat dairy products like butter, cheese and whole milk are your heart’s greatest enemies because they raise your blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels, which increases your chances of getting a blood clot.

One of the most important recommendations from the government is to cut your daily saturated fat intake to 7 percent. That means a diet consisting of 1,500 calorie can have no more than 12 grams of saturated fat – the equivalent of two homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Consider a person who consumes a fast food breakfast of biscuit with egg, sausage and hash brown, goes on to eat a large taco for lunch, comes home and fills his/her plate with sirloin steak, baked potato and a tablespoon of butter, then tops it with a dessert of half a cup of french vanilla ice cream.

This person has consumed in this typical day a whopping 51,341 milligrams (51.3 grams) of saturated or 611 milligrams of cholesterol.

This translates to 31 grams of saturated fats or 411 milligrams over the recommended daily maximum of 20 grams of saturated fats and 200 milligrams of cholesterol from food.

Eating too much saturated fat or high cholesterol foods like this over time will build up damaging plaque in your blood vessels and make your arteries stiff and inflexible. The result? If your arteries can’t stretch when blood pumps through them, it places a burden on your heart.

List Of High In Cholesterol Foods

*Whole-milk dairy products



*Ice cream

*Cream cheese

*Certain shellfish, such as shrimp

*Other organ meats, such as kidney and brain

*Duck and goose


*Beef liver

*Beef kidney

*Sponge cake made with egg yolks

The above high cholesterol foods are all above 100 milligrams of cholesterol. Most people who do not have high LDL levels are asked to keep cholesterol limits to 300 mg a day. It is possible to have small steak and a serving of ice cream without reaching 300 mg.

However, two eggs can easily put someone over their cholesterol limit for the day, as can toast or a baked potato heaped with butter.

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