Want To Know How To Prevent Diabetes? Drink Coffee

Learn how to prevent diabetes by stabilizing your blood sugar, slowing starch absorption and speeding fat burn. It may be the world’s fastest growing disease, but studies suggests that 91% of Type 2 diabetes cases are preventable by adhering to a healthy low fat diet, taking certain natural supplements and keeping a regimen of regular exercise. The bottom line is that you can take care of yourself if you know the risk factors and what to do about them.

How To Prevent Diabetes With Simple Lifestyle Changes

Go to bed early. Sleep deprivation makes levels of stress hormones cortisol soar by as much as thirty seven percent, which is enough to sabotage your body’s use of insulin.

Downsize your weight. Carrying spare fat around your middle means you’re at risk for developing this disease. If you are overweight, shedding just five extra pounds is enough to help prevent or even reverse diabetes in many cases.

Exercise for health. You will lose weight, improve your glycemic control and insulin sensitivity, and lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels by exercising. A brisk 30 minute walk on most days is all you need.

How To Prevent Diabetes With Diet

Change your menu to lower your risk. Whenever possible, choose a vegetarian main dish with a side order of protein. Taking in more vitamin C from fruits and vegetables can also lower your risk of diabetes by as much as 65%.

Curry cut flare-ups. Tumeric, the yellow spice in curry helps quell flare-ups in fat and liver tissue that can lead to diabetes. Turmeric is loaded with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds that help reverse the effects of inflammation in the pancreas, which increases insulin resistance.

Say no to sugary drinks. Research shows that people who regularly drink sugary sodas with meals are 85% more likely to develop blood sugar problems. Instead, drink seltzer, flavored water, low fat milk or sugar-free beverages.

Eat high fiber cereal. Eating a bowl of high fiber cereal like Fiber One can send your insulin levels plunging. The body digests fiber more slowly than carbohydrates, so your blood sugar doesn’t rise quickly. Brands of cereal with at least 12 grams of fiber per half cup serving can cut your diabetes risk by reducing your risk of insulin resistance, which is a precursor for type 2 diabetes.

Drink more coffee. Drinking two or more cups of coffee daily reduces your risk of diabetes by making it easier for your liver to burn sugar. A recent large scale study found that the more cups of coffee a woman drinks, the less likely she is to develop a blood sugar problem. The reason is that the magnesium, potassium and polyphenols in coffee beans help keep your insulin producing pancreas in top condition.

Snack on low-fat yogurt. Women who eat the most low-fat dairy foods including milk, cheese and yogurt have a 70% lower risk of diabetes. Dairy foods help prevent insulin resistance.

How To Prevent Diabetes With Nutritional Supplements

Vitamin D can boost insulin sensitivity. Vitamin D deficiency can decrease your body’s sensitivity to insulin, and force your pancreas to produce more of it. You can consume vitamin D rich foods such as milk, eggs and cheese to forestall excess insulin production. A daily supplement of 400 IU can also help ward off this danger.

Magnesium can tackle insulin resistance. Insulin resistance occurs when cells stop responding to a normal level of insulin, which forces your body to churn out extra. Deficiency of this mineral is linked to insulin resistance. Recommended daily dosage of magnesium is 320 mg.

Calcium can control insulin. It keeps your body from pumping out too much insulin. Studies have shown that people with high levels of this nutrient are least likely to develop this diabetes. Aim for 1,000 mg of calcium daily.

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Obesity Leads To Diabetes. Choose Health.

Did you know that everyone who develops diabetes is genetically prediposed to the disease? That is true.

But here is the kicker. Your diabetic genes are actually activated by overweight and sedentary lifestyle.

So there you have it. Simply because some members of your family have developed it does not mean you have to get diabetes as well.

Life's Pressure May Prompt Diabetes

Dealing with grief over the loss of a loved one can also lead to the life changing event of diabetes.

A Dutch study of over 2,000 middle aged people found a link between major stressful events and increased risk of diabetes.

Researchers suggest experiencing things like death of a child, serious financial trouble or even the end of a relationship can tamper with your body's ability to regulate certain hormone balances.

If you are facing traumatic incidents, seek professional help for ways to handle the stress.