I felt a noticeable difference with my sinusitis within one week

by Kimberley Gaston
(Columbus, Ohio)

For twenty two years, I suffered with chronic sinusitis. My doctor prescribed antibiotics for me and it seemed the more I used them, the more I became resistant to them. Then came the surgeries, still no relief. I didn’t think I had any options left and began to feel that I will probably have to live with this problem for the rest of my life.

Then a friend introduced me to a holistic program by Dr. Ivker. This program entailed anger release, a healthy diet, supplements and nasal hygiene. I must say that I felt a difference within a week and over the next two months, my sinus problem had completely disappeared.

This program saved my life and I am still following it. If you suffer from chronic sinusitis like I did, you might want to check out the program at www.physicianhealer.com. Your never know, you might get your breakthrough.

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