I won the cholesterol battle!!!

by Adele
(Laurel, MD, USA)

I went for my routine yearly physical checkup and got the shock of my life when my doctor called with the results. He said my cholesterol levels were way too high. My overall level was 250 and my LDL level was 150. I was alarmed and I think he could sense the panic in my voice as I asked him for a solution. His answer still resonates in my ears. “You have to go on statin drugs right away…..” I quickly said thank you and I will stop by to pick up the prescription.

My mind was racing as I hung up the phone. I did not want to go on drugs for the rest of my life, besides I had read horror stories on the effects of statin drugs on some people. I told myself there had to be another way besides drugs. I decided to research for alternative and a natural therapy.

I found some materials and after reading several testimonials, I settled on my own regimen of a tablespoon of psyllium husks, two tablespoons of flax seeds and bowl of oatmeal every day. I also included a 30 minute exercise 3 to 4 times a week.

I am glad to say that just after of 12 weeks of sticking with this regimen, my total cholesterol level dropped to 130 and my LDL dropped to 92. It’s been two years now and my cholesterol levels still remain normal.

I am here to tell you that natural remedies work! I have recommended this regimen to lots of people and it has worked for all of them. It’s simple, but requires consistency and discipline and it will work for you if you give it a chance.

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