Surprising Cures For Mold Allergies

Seasonal allergies, mold allergies, ragweed allergies! which one do you suffer from?

Like clockwork, the warm and hot seasons come around, and along also come the allergies, victimizing a lot of people.

We call it "Spring Allergies" but is it really pollen causing your discomfort? what researchers have to say about "spring allergies" might surprise you.

Research shows that almost every home harbors mold, and half of the people who live with it suffer hay fever like symptoms.

So what can you do to quell mold allergies? A lot! and here they are:

Stop sneezing with Butterbur - The leaves of this herb contain compounds that quell triggers of itching and sneezing due to mold and other allergens. In a case study, butterbur leaf extract calmed allergic reactions as effectively as prescription Allegra. For ongoing protection, take 100mg. daily. Always consult with your doctor before trying a new supplement.

Encase Pillows - According to a study, your pillow can contain up to 16 types of allergy-triggering fungi. Encase pillows in allergy-proof covers to reduce irritants by as much as 90%.

Blow Away Spores - Researcher - Richard W. Weber M.D., says floor mats and upholstery in cars can retain moisture from shoes and clothes, which can encourage mold growth and cause mold allergies. Blow away spores by opening the windows, or periodically run the heater during these spring and summer months when allergy reactions are at peak.

English Ivy - The Asthma, Allergy and Respiratory Care Medical Center in California say that growing a few pots of English ivy can also lower levels of airborne mold in a room within 12 hours. The mold spores are filtered from the air by the ivy through tiny openings in their leaves. For safety, keep the plants away from children ands pets since it can be toxic if eaten.

Air Purifer - Consider an air purifier. The best are the HEPA models. Only HEPA filters are proven to remove up to 99% of airborne mold.

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