My sinusitis symptoms have completely vanished.

by Maya B.
(Washington DC)

For years I suffered from chronic headaches that caused a dull aching pressure on my forehead that often spread down my face and ears. I love gardening and because the pain will often get worse when I bend down, I had to forgo this hobby.

When I finally went to see my doctor, I was told that I had chronic sinusitis. A test was performed to determine if I had an infection, but none was detected. My doctor advised me to get a humidifier for my bedroom. He also asked me to eliminate dairy products from my diet and incorporate dishes that included garlic, chilies and horseradish at least twice a week.

I purchased a humidifier and place it my bedroom that same week. I also experimented with spices like ginger, garlic and chilies in my cooking. After just about six weeks on this plan, I began to feel much better my symptoms began to disappear.

It’s been a year now, I still continue with this plan and I have been symptom free from sinusitis.

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