More Calcium Or Vitamin D For Natural Treatment For Osteoporosis

In your quest for natural treatment for osteoporosis, let us first define what osteoporosis is. Simply put, osteoporosis is a disease where your bones slowly lose density, making them fragile and more prone to breakages.

It usually occurs because you have low levels of calcium and other important minerals such as vitamin D in your blood. Your spinal column, wrists, and hips are the most common fracture sites, and even mild stress can cause an injury.

This disease affects more women than men because of the differences in their biological make-up, but it must also be noted that about one in eight men over the age of fifty has osteoporosis, and the death rate in men due to fractures is higher than women.

However, weak bones and fractures are not cast in stone. Bone is living and active and constantly rebuilding itself so if you have osteoporosis, take heart and read the natural treatment for osteoporosis below.

Natural Treatment For Osteoporosis

In using natural treatment for osteoporosis, many people think that just increasing calcium intake will solve the problem. This is far from the truth because it is rather the way calcium is absorbed in the body that is vital in treating osteoporosis.

To start with, let me emphasize that dietary and lifestyle habits play an important role in treating osteoporosis. Insufficient calcium intake is one factor, but equally important are other minerals that affect calcium metabolism.

With regards to lifestyle habits, if you engage in weight bearing exercises, your body will respond by depositing more minerals in your bones. Click here for exercises for osteoporosis.

Also talking about lifestyle habits, you must know that too much caffeine has a negative effect on calcium absorption. Too much alcohol, smoking and many other drugs are also detrimental to your bone health. Aim to cut back on these if you intend to use natural treatment for osteoporosis.

Treating Osteoporosis With Nutritional Supplements
Calcium is necessary for maintaining strong bones. A daily dose of 1,200 to 2,000 mg is recommended. It is better to get this dosage from food, but if it’s not possible then use supplements to make up.

Vitamin D is needed for the absorption of calcium. Research has established that people with low levels of vitamin D cannot absorb adequate calcium, which makes osteoporosis fractures more common with these people. As much as 7,000 IU daily can be used to rebuild your blood levels to combat osteoporosis. Be sure to talk to your doctor before taking this dosage.

Strontium a mineral that can be used as a natural treatment for osteoporosis. It increases bone formation and decreases the breakdown of bones. With prolonged use, strontium builds denser bone mass and can rapidly reduce the risk of vertebral fractures. Suggested intake is 680 mg. daily.

Silica supplies silicon for calcium to be properly utilized for bone strength. Follow the recommended dose on the label.

Magnesium helps with calcium absorption. Recommended dosage is a minimum of 400 IU daily.

Vitamin K is essential for building collagen in bones and preventing fractures. Case study analysis by doctors in England on vitamin K and osteoporosis found that this vitamin decreased hip fractures by as much as 73%.

Another natural treatment for osteoporosis is boron which is know to improve calcium absorption. Suggested daily dose is 3 mg. This amount should not be exceeded. Do not take boron supplement if you are taking a complex that contains boron.

Phosphorus works with calcium to increase bone strength.

Glucosamine and Chondroitin are essential for the development of bone and connective tissue. Get at least dose of 1,500 mg. of glucosamine.

Treating Osteoporosis With Herbs
Herbs such as Sage, thyme and rosemary are known to inhibit the breakdown of bone.

Horsetail and oat straw are rich in silica, and helps with the absorption of calcium.

Alfalfa, barley grass, black cohosh dandelion, and yucca are all herbs that help build up strong bones.

Red clover contains isoflavones that acts as natural estrogen by slowing the breakdown of bone mass.

Fight Osteoporosis With Food
The human body operates best in an alkaline state. When we indulge in too much sugar, caffeine and processed foods that have high acidic content, it disrupts the pH balance of the body and one of the mechanisms the body uses to bring pH back to balance is to draw calcium from the bones to counter the high acidity.

The bottom line is that excessive acid in the body can drain your bones of calcium reserves and lead to thinning of the bones. Technically speaking, too much internal acids can dissolve your bones.

Alkalize your body and fight osteoporosis by changing your diet to include 65% of alkaline forming foods. Aim to eat more fruits and vegetables and less protein and starch.

Eat alkalinizing grains such as oats, quinoa and wild rice, and be sure to include at least one cup of alkalinizing greens a day in your diet. Greens like kale, mustard greens, collards and lettuce are good alkaline foods.

Salt competes with calcium to get absorbed. If you consume too much, salt will always win and calcium will pass right out. Also when you eat too much salt, your kidneys work extra hard to flush it out of your body, and most often end up flushing out other important minerals like calcium.

Soy and tofu act as plant estrogens and builds postmenopausal bones. Soy works by stimulating bone formation and slowing down the bone breakdown process.

Researchers at Vanberbilt University School of Medicine found that women who ate most soy foods lowered their risk of fractures by thirty-five percent. Eat soy nuts, soybeans, soy burgers and stir-fry tofu for bone health.

Foods such as dried beans, peas, canned fish eaten with the bones, are all rich in phosphorus and calcium. Aim to have a serving once or twice a week.

Drink plenty of tea to benefit from its antioxidants properties. Scientists found that British women who regularly drink tea have stronger bones than women who don’t. Green or black teas are both beneficial.

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