Recipe For Relieving Constipation

The best diet for relieving constipation is to eat lots of plant foods and very little junk food. Chronic constipation can cause hemorrhoids, so if you are constantly constipated, get a fiber fix. Fiber softens and bulks up the stool, which can reduce irritation and straining.

Experts recommend eating 20 to 35 grams of fiber daily so if you haven’t been eating that much, you can start adding extra amounts gradually. Do take note that increasing your fiber intake for relieving constipation does not mean you have to eat bowlfuls of veggies and bran all the time.

Studies have found that people who used fiber supplement such as Metamucil were able to reduce constipation symptoms. The caution here is to increase your consumption of fiber gradually.

Staying hydrated is another recipe for relieving constipation. Aim for six to eight glasses of water every day. When you combine this water regimen with fiber rich diet, your bowel movements become regular and straining from constipation is eliminated. Getting adequate water with your fiber intake also prevents bloating and flatulence.

Best Foods For Relieving Constipation

Here we will review the best foods for beating constipation.

Lentils are perfect because of its high fiber content. A bowl of lentil soup eaten on most days is all you need to relieve constipation and give you easy bowel movements.

Rye bread is very good for beating constipation. A study carried out in Finland required that women with constipation eat two pieces of rye bread everyday for three weeks. After this period, the women found that their stools were softened and also had increased bowel movements.

Sprouted Ezekiel bread topped with almond butter or raw honey and a handful of berries is not only yummy but it’s also a constipation buster. This bread is high in fiber and the unprocessed wheat maintains the bread’s digestive enzymes.

Yogurt rich with the friendly bacteria known as lactobacillus, helps reduce stomach cramping and excess gas. This friendly bacterium provides helps reduce discomfort associated constipation and also maintains healthy intestines.

Experts recommend you eat a Yogurt Parfait at least once a week. This consists of a cup of unsweetened yogurt with the active cultures of lactobacillus acidophilus, fresh berries, raw nuts and 1 tablespoon of raw honey.

Kiwifruit is a super food that has a laxative effect. Aside of its high content of vitamin C, it is also a good source of fiber. In a study carried out gastroenterologists in Hong Kong, constipated patients were asked to eat one kiwifruit after breakfast and also in the evening after dinner for four weeks.

After this period, average bowel movements were doubled for the patients. If you have chronic constipation, make it a habit to eat 2 kiwifruits a day.

Other excellent foods for relieving constipation are magnesium-rich foods. A recent study conducted on 4,000 women in Japan proved that lower magnesium intake equaled higher incidence of constipation.

Food sources of magnesium include kelp, wheat bran, peanuts, Brazil nuts, brown rice, tofu, coconut, buckwheat and brewer’s yeast. Daily consumption some of these foods can ensure free bowel movements.

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