Various Skin Disorders And Natural Treatments For Them

If you want to get rid of skin disorders, load up on the right nutrients. The skin reflects a person’s state of health and nutritional status so the right nutrients for your skin can erase signs of aging, reverse skin peeling, restore moisture to dry itchy skin, and leave your skin firmer, smoother and radiantly healthier.

Your skin is important for appearance and well-being, and for it to perform its best, it must be engaged in a special care regimen of gentle cleansing, daily moisturizing and sunscreen application, and a skin-friendly diet. Neglect of the skin gives rise to skin disorders such as skin moles, rosacea, psoriasis, acne, and a host of other skin problems.

Types Of Skin Disorders

Skin disorders fall under the major categories of inflammation, viral problems, bacterial problems, fungal infections and skin cancer. The following are some specific skin disorders that may fall under these major categories.

Athlete’s foot,






Dry skin

Skin moles



Varicose veins


Chicken pox

Melanoma skin cancer

Skin Disorders, Their Possible Causes And
Natural Treatment

Different causes lead to different types of skin disorders. For example, certain vitamin deficiencies can lead to rough, dry, scaly, peeling or greasy skin.

Frequent tanning and exposure to the sun can lead to premature aging, skin burns and certain skin cancer signs. Excess inflammation and stress can lead to rosacea, a skin condition that resembles acne.

Itchy skin rash can develop due to hot and humid weather conditions. Drug and allergic reactions can also cause skin rashes. Here are some skin disorders that you might need an insight to.

Varicose veins, the blue thick cords that develop on the legs can be due to age, overweight and all day standing on your feet. This happens when blood pools in the veins due to malfunction of blood valves.

Mainstream medicine offers injections that shut down the affected veins, or surgery. Compression hosiery can also be used to suppress the veins but it is uncomfortable so a lot of people don’t want to use them.

Horse chestnut seed extract is a natural supplement that works just as well as the use of hosiery. The active ingredient in this supplement strengthens the veins, blocks the enzymes that play a role in forming the varicose veins and calms excess inflammation.

Look for a supplement standardized with 50 to 75 mg of the active ingredient aescin, and take 300 mg. of this supplement twice daily.

Eczema is a rash that causes the skin to become dry, rough and scaly with severe itching. Causes of eczema are unknown but scientists believe heredity is the major cause of this skin problem.

Medical research says that eczema cannot be cured. The goal of treatment is to calm outbreak and prevent flare-ups by using either topical or oral steroids. However, regular use of steroids has its adverse side effects.

A class of drugs called immunomodulators that works effectively to calm inflamed skin was discovered recently, and it worked for a lot of people with eczema. But the FDA has recently put a warning label on these drugs because of their link to cases of skin and blood cancer.

Evening primrose oil can be used as a natural alternative to steroids and immunomodulators. Numerous studies have been conducted by British and Canadian dermatologists on the use of evening primrose oil. They found that a daily dose of this supplement improved dry skin conditions and relieved itching.

Evening primrose oil also decreased the swelling and redness associated with eczema. The type of evening primrose supplement used in the studies was Efamol, and the dosage in the studies ranged from two to sixteen 500 mg capsules a day.

It took four to eight weeks to produce significant results so you have to be patient if you decide to try this natural treatment. As usual, a discussion with your dermatologist or doctor should precede your use of high dose of this supplement.

Psoriasis appears on the skin as red, thick dry overgrowths with silvery scales. They are sometimes itchy with a burning sensation, and can even crack up and bleed when scratched.

Psoriasis is caused by malfunction of the immune system. Experts say that factors like stress and infections can trigger flare ups of this skin disease.

Treatment for psoriasis can range from light therapies, ultraviolet radiation, and lasers to herbal salves and coating like coal tar. A topical cream containing high concentration of the extract of Oregon Grape called Mahonia aquifolium was used on patients for 12 weeks. This treatment achieved significant improvements in symptoms of psoriasis.

Bedsores normally happen with patients who are confined to lying in bed with reduced mobility. The pressure of the patient’s weight exerted on the skin tissues as it presses on the hard surface of the bed can produce bed sores or pressure ulcers. It starts as a patch which can quickly develop into a blistered sores and skin gapes.

To relieve bedsores, consider changing the mattress to specialized foam, convoluted or a cubed mattress. Protein based nutritional supplements are also beneficial in preventing bedsores. High protein supplements that contain nutrients such as the amino acid – arginine, vitamin C and zinc can increase the healing bedsores. Moisturizing the skin can also prevent pressure ulcers.

Rosacea affects the skin of your face. It starts off as redness of the cheeks and eventually other areas of the face become permanently red. Signs of rosacea often show up on the cheeks and chins of women, and on the nose for men. It is not clear what causes rosacea, but triggers include hot or spicy foods, alcohol, stress and extreme hot or cold temperatures.

There is no known cure for rosacea, but you can take steps to manage this chronic skin disorder. You must first identify what triggers your flare-ups and take the necessary steps to minimize attacks.

Making lifestyle changes such as modifying your diet can go a long way to provide relief. The common foods that can trigger this disease include soy sauce, vinegar, sour cream, citrus fruits, yogurt, eggplant, spinach, avocados, coffee, tea and chocolate. You need to identify if any of these foods are the culprits in your rosacea and eliminate them from your diet.

It is also important to take care and protect your skin. Make sure not to use harsh grainy soaps and wash cloths for your face, and always use gentle, fragrance-free cleansers for your face, making sure to rinse with warm water and blotting with a soft towel.

Wrinkles come with aging. As we age, the body naturally produces less collagen and elastin - the connective tissues that make the skin firm and supple. The layer of fat under the skin also begins to disappear and as a result of these factors, the skin, especially on the face begins to sag and wrinkle.

Factors that also accelerate the aging and wrinkling of the skin are excessive smoking and too much exposure to the sun. Genetics also play a dominant role in wrinkle formation. Your genes determine when the collagen breakdown and wrinkling begins, and how fast it progresses.

Engaging in a wrinkle free skin care and eating foods that contain antioxidants in the form of vitamins, carotenoids, polyphenols and phytochemicals can actually protect your skin from wrinkles.

Researchers have also discovered that eating certain foods can actually encourage wrinkling of your skin. Try to avoid wrinkling causing foods such as butter, ice cream, cakes and pastries, red meat, soft drinks, margarines and full-fat milk.

Instead try drinking lots of water which plumps up the skin, and include foods like eggs, yogurt, cherries, grapes, melons, prunes, olives, nuts and spinach in your diet. These foods have been proven to fight wrinkles.

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