Use Vitamins For Depression And Bring
Joy To Your Life

Find the best vitamins for depression to ease your blue mood. Treating depression with nutrients has been overlooked for so many years but it's been established that nutrients from vitamins can help relieve depression. Studies continue to prove that increasing your intake of nutrients can help relieve this problem.

Nutritious foods packed with minerals and vitamins for depression are needed by the human body to cope with any disease, but unfortunately, depressed people often fail to take care of themselves as well as what they put in their mouths.

Blood tests carried out on depressed people found that they had low levels of nutrients, and when nutrients were boosted for the participants, studies showed that their moods were lifted and even enhanced the effect of antidepressant drugs used for treating their depression.

Based on these studies, researchers recommended that people suffering from depression could benefit tremendously by boosting their intake of minerals and vitamins for depression. The following are suggested for lifting your mood.

Fill up on folate. Studies showed that people suffering from depression have lower blood levels of this B-vitamin. Nutritionists recommend you get at least 400 mcg. of folate every day if you suffer from depression. You can get this amount from your diet by eating plenty of fruits, vegetables and lentils. A cup of orange juice from frozen concentrate can give you as much as 100 mcg. of folate. Other good sources of folate are spinach, asparagus and avocado.

Vitamin B-12 helps older people with depression. B-12 deficiency creates 70% more severe depressive symptoms.

Use Zinc to boost your mood. Low levels of zinc have been linked to symptoms of depression such as unshakeable feelings of sadness and the inability to experience pleasure. Research has shown that adding 25 milligrams daily can improve your mental function. Zinc can also boost the effectiveness of an antidepressant therapy.

Sunshine Vitamin for winter blues. Vitamin D, dubbed as the “sunshine vitamin” can improve your mood during the winter months. People suffering from seasonal depression who took this vitamin were more enthusiastic, motivated and alert.

Seek out selenium. Selenium is an essential nutrient for humans and higher amount of this mineral produces more cheerful and confident behavior in humans. It also has the ability to make you feel less anxious and more alert. You can boost your levels of this mineral by eating beef, seafood, poultry, mushrooms and whole wheat. Talk to your doctor if you want to take selenium supplements because high amounts can be toxic for your body.

Iron out your depression. If your skin appears pale, if you are experiencing feelings of fatigue, and can’t seem to concentrate, chances are you are your iron levels are low. Iron can be obtained from red meat, but if you have cut out red meat for health reasons, then be sure to eat lots of fortified cereals, legumes and plenty of leafy green vegetables to make for lost iron from meats. Also increase your intake of vitamin C for better absorption of iron from food.

Get Chromium to improve depression symptoms, and reduce your cravings for carbohydrates. Studies shows that supplementing with this trace mineral improves symptoms of depression. Chromium also affects neurotransmitters in the brain to help the release o f norepinephrine known for playing a major role in attention and focus of the mind.

Oil your brain with Omega-3. Your brain needs oil, just like any other machine to function in optimum health. The outer covering of brain cells degenerates when you have low levels of omega-3. Your brain cells begin to produce less serotonin which helps control your mood. The cellular receptors that also generate dopamine, another feel good mood enhancer begin to malfunction.

In a nut shell, omega-3 deficiency is plays a sad story for your brain and your mood. A suggested daily dose of 2,000 mg is recommended to maintain a happy and positive mood.

You can also boost your dietary intake of omega-3 by eating lots of fatty fish like salmon or mackerel. Switch to canola oil and use canola oil base salad dressing. Flaxseed, walnuts and green leafy vegetables are also rich in omega-3.

If you are determined to find natural products that provide relief for your depression problem, then give vitamins for depression a chance and see your mood rejuvenated day by day.

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